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Angel On A Harley Gifts and Graphics

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I've been making jewelry for about 15 years, now.... I started out making it for myself, family and friends, because I REALLY got tired of "mass produced" products, and from there people started asking me to make them something... as a gift for them to give someone else.... to go with a particular dress or for special occasions... and it got a little crazy from there. :) I stand behind my work... If I am not happy, then you surely won't be... and unless you've thrown it under the wheels of a Mack truck, or let you child hammer it into another shape (abused it), I will do repairs or replacement, if necessary. You pay for shipping costs, only.

I use semi precious beads, gemstones and natural materials. Findings, chain and anything with metal is lead free and nickle free (usually gold and silver plated) for safety and allergy reasons. My jewelry is what is known as "bridge jewelry" ... in other words, it's not mass produced "junk" and won't eat your skin away, yet IS very affordable and One-Of-A-Kind. I'm a mother, a grandmother, old hippie, bohemian, gypsy "kind of girl" and I love making jewelry, painting, building things and re-cycling something into something else. I hope you enjoy my work. Browse through my projects and you just might find something that appeals to you and that you just HAVE to have (something similar) I NEVER duplicate anything, unless it's at the request of the original client (for example: bride's maids jewelry). Followers and positive comments are welcome !

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