Annah Kay

Thank you for checking out my stuff first & foremost. I'm a Gypsy-Italian jewelry maker. I LOVE hand made, one of a kind, repurposed jewely and custom pieces.
I decided to join after looking around. Everyone seems very welcoming & open to sharing. I am looking for honest feedback on my work. I look forward to meeting other jewelry makers.

Please feel free to check out my facebook page:

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Learning Viking Weaving #4: Finished Piece:)

Finally! Took almost a week because life, and cats, said no. But just finished up the silver with amethyst chain. Ended up at exactly 20 with the addition of two jump rings on each end ;) This one is waaay thinner, but I was surprised by how...

Learning Viking Weaving #3: Shish kabobs sticks are the key!

Welp, working on my third weave. Did a little bracelet that my niece promptly destroyed haha. This one I changed up a bit. The biggest difference is instead of using a pencil, I bought a huge pack of shish kabobs sticks. I now can using 32 gauge...

Learning Viking Weaving #2: First Attempt Results

So finally got my new draw plate in, and finished up my first full necklace. Pretty happy with it, and am excited to bust a few more out. Opinion, pointers, all that welcome :)