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I am a mother of three, grandmother of one, wife of 35 years, nurse of 36 years and now a jewelry designer and crafter.
Since I was a youngster I have had jewelry designs in my head. Having grown up in Colorado I am heavily influenced by the colors and textures in the natural settings of our "Colorful Colorado".
I have taught myself the fundamentals of jewelry creation, stringing and off loom bead weaving. I love doing this and it absorbs my attention most of the time.
I am always seeking knowledge about the art and craft and feedback about my designs so feel free to critique and share.


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Catching up

I am sorry to say my dear, sweet husband passed on 08/21. Less than a year from the time he was diagnosed with colon cancer. I miss him terribly. Fortunately my kids are so supportive. I have been making jewelry and ventured off into other art...

The journey #3: Who else struggles with this?

I love bead embroidery . I am compelled to do it. I love the process and freedom of it. But. . . .it sure doesn’t earn me much money. I try to do things that are probably more everyday jewelry for a bit of income but I can’t stick with it. I...

The journey #2: Social Media

I recently discovered all kinds of beading groups on a famous social media platform. I had NO idea-what a cool thing to discover. I am not really that old am I-it just took awhile. LOL! Beady people are so supportive of each other and I love...



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