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I have been making jewelry since 2008 after my friend and fellow rock collector got me started. Actually the first time I tried I said "I have to do what? I'm not doing that, forget it, that's too much work", then a year later she showed me her beads and some of her pieces, and I drooled over the possibilities. THAT'S when I finally got into it. I'm almost entirely self-taught. I started out to make jewelry for myself to have a way to customize my own stuff, but I went a little overboard, so I tried to jump into the craft show circuit to sell some of it off not knowing what I was getting myself into. I made jewelry here and there, mostly as gifts for friends and family and some custom work and just finally came back to it in 2016. I think I'm more of a bead collector than a jewelry maker! I tend to stick to simple, versatile designs with mostly natural stone, but I'm working on expanding my horizons. My #1 passion is birthstone jewelry. I don't consider myself a crafty person; jewelry is the only thing I've ever been able to do well enough and stick to. I post my work on Facebook under Cynna Moon Designs and have ant Etsy shop under the same name. and

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Artist's Blues

Do you ever have bad spells where all your bead orders seem to fall flat or come in wrong or missing something, and your creative drive is completely flat? When whatever you make never comes out right, and you end up taking it apart several...


I have, finally, learned the value of staging jewelry. I always used to laugh at the tutorials that say place candy or flowers or something relevant to your piece in the picture. I thought the jewelry sells itself. So I took simple photographs...



Chris Donofrio ...

Cindy, I saw your post in the “why doesn’t my jewelry seem to be selling?” blog. I went to your FB page, and liked it… I really like your jewelry! We seem to share some design ideas. Like you, I am more into the single strand, beaded jewelry… some with a pendant, others without. I only do a little bit of wire wrapping, and I keep my designs simple and clean, much like yours! Please visit my FB page, too!

Cindy A. ...

Thank you so much Chris! I found your page on FB also and liked/shared. You’re right, we do have similar designs. It’s not something I come across often! I really like your work as well! I am so glad I joined this site and got to meet some great people and get some great inspiration from others’ creations. Keep up the great work Chris!

Chris Donofrio ...

That means a lot to me, Cindy! I’m really enjoying this blog / community also. It is wonderful to see everyone’s designs, just to see what others are doing, and to see if we might be able to expand our though processes. (I get in a rut sometimes LOL) The inspiration is phenomenal! Thanks for sharing my page, too… I shared yours, too! Continue on, fellow jeweler!

Linda Foust ...

Hello Cindy, I visited your Fb page as well. It’s always nice to see other jewelry makers way of doing things. It’s always inspiring. I too am self taught and love sharing my creations. Come visit my albums as well. Designs by LK…Visit all my BEAUTIFUL jewelry pages, just follow the link: