It all started from one silver ring from Armenia that attracted a lot of attention in Cyprus. Everybody noticed how different it was from what we usually see on the market here.
That's when we thought that it would be a good idea to share more of Armenian style jewellery with people in Cyprus and generally in the world.
The word IDenteco is translated as "Identity" from Esperanto. We chose this name since we believe that the jewellery of our store will help you highlight your individuality, your style, your uniqueness.

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SIlver jewelry #1: What if you are allergic to silver jewellery?

Professionals say, that most of the time a silver jewelry allergy, in reality, is a nickel or copper allergy. As you might know from our previous posts, silver itself is very soft material and for the jewelry making it is being mixed with other...

5 rules to consider while combining jewelry

Nowadays there are so many choices of jewelry. Very often we just want to buy them all. However, it is really important to learn to combine jewelry properly if you want to look elegant and stylish. Rule No 1: Know your limits Don’t wear all...

Natural vs synthetic

Today we want to share with you some facts and info to help you understand the difference between natural and synthetic gemstones. Many people don’t realize that majority of the natural gemstones are treated in the lab after they are mined. If...