It all started from one silver ring from Armenia that attracted a lot of attention in Cyprus. Everybody noticed how different it was from what we usually see on the market here.
That's when we thought that it would be a good idea to share more of Armenian style jewellery with people in Cyprus and generally in the world.
The word IDenteco is translated as "Identity" from Esperanto. We chose this name since we believe that the jewellery of our store will help you highlight your individuality, your style, your uniqueness.

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Useful information/tips #1: 3 methods to identify fake jewelry

Let’s look at some easy methods which will help you to identify fake jewelry item. You can try them at home. 1.* Hallmark*. Most of the jewelry items have numbers marked on them. They show how much % of pure metal that jewelry contains. For...

Which of these 3 mistakes do you make while buying jewelry?

Here are some wrong assumptions people make and end up buying overrated expensive jewelry. 1_. “A shop has 70% sale, I better hurry_ Remember that during any sale, shops still must make profits. If there is 70% off, think how expensive they...

How to keep jewelry

How do you keep your jewelry? All in one place? If you store the jewelry properly, it will remain beautiful and can serve for many years. What are the main rules of keeping your jewelry properly? Ideally, all jewelry items must be kept...