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Jewelers.Community Theme: ROOSTERS

It’s 2017 and the year of the Rooster (the Fire Rooster, to be exact.) According to one search I did on Google, this means: “The Rooster being the sign of dawn and awakening, triumph and success can only be achieved at the price of hard work...

The Creative Process

Following Martha’s blog about the struggle with “giving up the craft”, I was reminded of the Ojibwe Wisdom: “Agaamashkode Debwe” >> “Across the Fire Speaks the Truth”. Normally, this Wisdom, for me, speaks of listening to other people,...

Collaboration Creation #6 #1: Holiday Sweets

We’ve had a little collaborating happening behind the scenes. One of our members had a great idea and, well, here we go! I hope you will join us for the fun. Do you remember those candy necklaces we used to buy as kids, that came on a stretchy...