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Thank you , JC!

Just want to say “thank you” to jewelers.community for choosing me as this week’s “Member of the Week”. I am honored , and consider myself to be very blessed to belong to a group of such talented, inspiring and supportive people....

Beading Retreat begins tomorrow!

So, it’s finally here! I’ll be leaving early tomorrow morning before dawn, to head out to the airport. I’ll be attending the beading retreat, “Beading In The Ozarks”, in Arkansas. I’ve mentioned it to some of you on this site, already. I’m so...

Missing my beading room!

I’m in New York as I write this. My dad, 90 years old, and a post stroke patient (16 mos ago), had an unfortunate fall 12 days ago. He has a cracked rib and a slight pneumonia. I’m here helping coordinate his care at rehab (you HAVE to advocate...



Terrie ...

Thank you, Jewelers Community, for selecting me as your member of the week! I am honored, and blessed to be a part of a community of such talented people!

Martha Brownell ...

A well deserved honor! I love your work and would love to attend a retreat with you someday!

Terrie ...

Cool! I’m not planning on attending another one until August, 2017 (Beading in the Ozarks, BITO, which will be held at Chateau on the Lake in Branson, MO)… but ya never know will come up between now and then, right? :-)
Our local bead group, Northern Virginia Bead Society, which I just discovered and joined in Oct., has a GREAT lineup of guest artists that come and teach and do weekend workshops/retreats, and several well-renowned bead artists LIVE right here locally! So, I’ll be attending several of those, I’m sure. Amy Katz was just here this past weekend, but I was in Dublin, Ohio, taking a class with Liisa Turunen. I love her work, and it was such a joy to get to know her and do her pattern, with her right there in the room, talking with us, sharing her life w/ us, etc. She’s a doll!!
Thank you for the lovely compliment, Martha! I look forward to meeting you and some others from this site, someday!