Jewelers.Community Awards: Glass Beads

It’s summer and summer means time for the beach; and beaches mean sand; and sand is turned into glass; and glass is turned into glass beads; and glass beads are made into extraordinary piece of jewelry … and that means SUMMER AWARDS! Yes, the Summer Awards are here and this time we are focusing on glass bead jewelry - bracelets, necklaces, rings, barefoot sandals,… whatever tickles your fancy and showcases glass beads.

Entry: Jul 1-24, 2015
Voting: Jul 25-31, 2015
Results: Aug 1, 2015

Your chance to win fantastic prizes in the best jewelry Awards online!
There is no designated jury of experts. You and your fellow members cast the votes.


  • $50 Cash Prize
  • Jewelers.Community T-Shirt


  • Jewelers.Community T-Shirt

One Winner (random draw)

  • Jewelers.Community T-Shirt

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