kimberly newman

Packaging Your Products!

How do you present your jewelry to your customers? I find that my customers tend to be repeat customers when I give them a beautifully packaged gift. Taking the time to give extra attention on presentation is always a plus. I love to search for...

Thank You Jewelers Community!

Thank you for making my butterfly Editor’s Choice! Really appreciate it!

Thank You Jewelers Community!

Thank you for picking my Angel for Editor’s Choice! I really appreciate it so much!

Thank You Jewelers Community!

Thank you for choosing my bride jewelry set for “Editors Choice!” I really appreciate it!

First show in 10 years!

Ok everyone, I had forgotten the work that goes into setting up at a show! Oh my goodness! My husband made me my gear display and my son, the artist, painted it for me. Found all my other goodies at flea markets and Goodwill. Show is this Sunday...

Thank you Jewelers Community!

Just wanted to say Thank You for choosing my piece" Old Time Movies" cuff for Editor’s Choice! It really means a lot to me and I enjoy the interaction with all of the members/friends that support my work. All of you inspire me to keep doing what...

I got a ribbon!

On my way back from Milwaukee right now! Had a great time and so excited that I placed second world wide in the wirework catagory! What a blessing and an honor. Thank you to all who voted for me for the peoples choice. The winner was well...

So excited here!

If you want to see my necklace in the Bead Dreams competition they just posted it today so people can vote on it. I had no idea until i got the email that everyone can vote. I would appreciate it so much. Go to

Thank you again Jewelers Community!

Thank you for Editors Choice for my Hammered Lace cuff bracelet! I am feeling the love this week!!!

Thank You Jewelers Community!

I know I haven’t been on much lately but I have been terribly busy. Most of you know that I own my own bead shop and it take a lot of my time to keep it up and running. I have also been busy helping my parents out. My dad was diagnosed with lung...