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viking knit

My question is what other wire working would go with viking knit. I am doing a cohesive jewelry line project for online course I am taking and i I like wire working rather then just stringing beads

Roxie&Loulou Online jewelry party

Hello everyone! Have you ever participated in an online jewelry party? I’d like to invite you all to my online jewelry party this weekend on Facebook. Fun and giveaways await you! Thank you...

Question about Fans' Choice

Is the voting only open to members of the Jewelers.Community? Or can we share that FB post to get votes from non-members?


Hi everyone, have only just joined. Really looking forward to getting to know people and exploring the site 😀

Musings of a creative mind #2: What's my style?

I have recently found myself, for marketing reasons, needing to define what my style is. I don’t know if I have a specific style in my jewelry, although I do have a style in my photos, that’s for sure. I guess I don’t think I have a style because...

Musings of a creative mind #1: How I get in the zone

I like to use music to stimulate my creativity, but more often than not, music only works well when I am painting or writing. When I am working with beads or wire and stones, it has to be either tv shows or movies.. I guess with those I need the...

Hi everyone !

Hi! Newbe here , no entries yet, Looks like a very fun site. Thanks for starting it

Just starting to post them

Gelsy's Jewels

we work with gold plated accessories, silver 9.25 with zircon stones Australians also work with Swarovski crystals. Bolivianitas gems brought from Bolivia South America with exclusive designs and silver work Goldsmith 9.25 variety of designs and...


Good afternoon Everyone, I am new to the group can you tell how the group work?