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Designer Cuffs, Bracelets, Bangles and More…

There is archaeological evidence of the Ancient Egyptians wearing bracelets from as early as 5,000 B.C. Bracelets can be found in recorded history across almost every civilization in every time period. They have served as objects of great...

Interest to Hobby, Hobby to Passion, Passion to Profession #2: Hobby to Passion

So after doing simple wire wraps and twists, I began to get bored with what I was doing. I had made dozens of pieces and I had given just about everyone I knew something I had made. My mom was really into doing stained glass and had signed up for...

The Top 5 Jewelry Designers You Must Know

There are a variety of jewelry designers around the world presenting us with their creations of metals and stones. Let’s take a look at five jewelry designers from different locations worldwide that you may not have heard of but you must know....

Interest to Hobby, Hobby to Passion, Passion to Profession #1: How it all started - Interest to Hobby

I’ve always been interested in stones/minerals and have collected them ever since I was a child. Going to the science museum and seeing wonderful specimens and beautiful jewelry, like the Hope Diamond and Faberge Eggs, has always fascinated me. I...

Thank you Jewels Community #1: Thank you Jewels Community

We were very glad to find out that the item from our store IDenteco “Turquoise dream” became Editor’s choice. (here is a link: . Thank you for that :) The ring was...

Thank you, Jewelers Community!

Thank you so much for selecting my watercolor paper jewelry!

Thank You Jewelers Community!

Thank you for making my butterfly Editor’s Choice! Really appreciate it!

Thank You Jewelers Community!

Thank you for picking my Angel for Editor’s Choice! I really appreciate it so much!


Thank you for choosing my Peace pin for Editors Choice!

Thank you!

Thank you so much for the Member of the Week selection and the Editor’s Choice for my Green Agate necklace. This means a great deal to me. Again, Thanks!