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Thank you! #2: Thank you Editors!

I love that my work was chosen for the January 20 Editors Choice! Thank you so much, it always surprises me when this happens as there are so many beautiful pieces each week by extremely talented artists. I sincerely thank you

Thank you! #1: Thank you Editors!

I am so proud to have received the Editors Choice award for my Swarovski stone ring. I’m grateful to the Editors for choosing their winners from all skill levels. Thank you again!

Bead and Button Show

I am not sure how many of you subscribe to this, but for you who don’t and are interested, I’m posting a link to the classes you can take at the show. I’m not going, but I can honestly say that if I ever do go, I’ll have to bring several...

Thank You Jewelers Community!

Thank you for choosing my bride jewelry set for “Editors Choice!” I really appreciate it!

Tucson Gem Show

Anyone going to the Tucson gem shows this year?

Jewelers.Community Theme: ROOSTERS

It’s 2017 and the year of the Rooster (the Fire Rooster, to be exact.) According to one search I did on Google, this means: “The Rooster being the sign of dawn and awakening, triumph and success can only be achieved at the price of hard work...

Thank you

Thank you so very much for the Editors Choice Award !! Greatly appreciated :)

Merry Christmas!

I want to wish all the wonderfully creative members a very Merry Christmas and I pray you all are blessed with love and peace in your hearts this Christmas. We celebrate the birth of Christ this season and it’s comforting to remember that he was...

Funny Story

Yesterday we were doing our last craft fair of the year and since it is close to Christmas I was wearing my “ugly” Christmas necklace. I made this cheap, gawdy Christmas necklace several years ago with plastic Christmas light bulbs, cheap chain...

Thank you! Where Is Everyone?

Wow! Thank you Editors for choosing my Dichroic Glass Pendant! I am very honored and appreciative of this! Your faith in me is not wasted, it is wonderful! I have noticed a drop in entries however, and wondering why? Is it the holidays or...