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Thank You Jewelers Community!

Thank you for picking my Angel for Editor’s Choice! I really appreciate it so much!


Thank you for choosing my Peace pin for Editors Choice!

Thank you!

Thank you so much for the Member of the Week selection and the Editor’s Choice for my Green Agate necklace. This means a great deal to me. Again, Thanks!

Fake Accounts and Avatars

Hey All, It’s been a while I wrote something, but I’m really busy with other projects, especially with the most time consuming one – being a parent :) I just wanted to thank all of you, who are participating, commenting and adding your Jewelry...

quick question

Hi Everyone! I have lost interest in making jewelry or being creative, I really love being creative and making jewelry. I’m raising my grandson so my time is limited, so if any of you have lost interest, my question how did you get back into...

Is It Just Me?

Is it just me or do some of you jewelry makers that post on here, sometimes feel like your jewelry isn’t as good as everyone elses? I see some of the intricate creations so many of you post and I think to myself, not only would I not have the...

Thank you for Editor's Choice

Thank you so much for selecting my Peaches & Cream bracelet for Editor’s Choice. I truly appreciate it! :O)

Jewelry Business #1: Creating Your Logo

I would like to create my own logo for my jewelry business. My question is, what do you use? Did you use templates, hire someone to create it, or made it yourself? I’d love to have my logos on the velvet bags, tags, earring cards, etc. Does...

Thank you! #3: Heartfelt Thanks!

Member Of The Week! Unbelievable! Thank you so much Editors. I’m really thankful that I have found this group of fellow jewelry creators. Everyone has been so encouraging and positive about each other’s work. Checking in on the web page and...

Thank you! #2: Thank you Editors!

I love that my work was chosen for the January 20 Editors Choice! Thank you so much, it always surprises me when this happens as there are so many beautiful pieces each week by extremely talented artists. I sincerely thank you