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Thank you

Thank you for choosing my Halloween bracelets for editors choice award, I appreciate it so much, I love making jewelry these bracelet were my first pieces since my grandson came along 3 months ago. They made me realize how much I miss being...


such fun such joy to make something unique and beautiful to wear or to share…I love the make a different look a stunning and interesting piece whether it is jewelry, painting, crafting or writing…just let it flow and create.

Thank you , JC!

Just want to say “thank you” to for choosing me as this week’s “Member of the Week”. I am honored , and consider myself to be very blessed to belong to a group of such talented, inspiring and supportive people....

Thank You!

Thank you for the Oct 18 Editors Choice! It is a special “welcome back” for my Crystal Dragon Fly pendant. I know there were many other creations much more deserving of your award, I sincerely appreciate your encouragement. Thank you! Martha B

Editors Choice Thank You

Wow! Thank You! Immagion my surprise when I checked my email and found Water is Life is Editors Choice this week!

Collaboration Creation #5 #1: Theme

Let’s throw a little fun into our creating! It’s collaboration time. Here’s how it works >>> 1. Post your theme ideas below as well as your vote, after a few ideas are posted. (Along with the THEME idea, please include your ideas for...

Editors Choice

Thank you for choosing me for Editor’s Choice today! I am humbled and honored. I love designing but most importantly I love making people feel good.

First show in 10 years!

Ok everyone, I had forgotten the work that goes into setting up at a show! Oh my goodness! My husband made me my gear display and my son, the artist, painted it for me. Found all my other goodies at flea markets and Goodwill. Show is this Sunday...

tutorials #2: Triangles and pyramids bracelet

The tutorial for this original design of mine is here

Thank you Jewelers Community!

Just wanted to say Thank You for choosing my piece" Old Time Movies" cuff for Editor’s Choice! It really means a lot to me and I enjoy the interaction with all of the members/friends that support my work. All of you inspire me to keep doing what...