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Facebook pages and websites

Happy Tuesday everyone! Do you have a FB page for your jewelry and/or website you would like to share with me? Thank you for liking and visiting my FB and website!

Jewelers.Community Theme: Flowers

… and so do jewelers! Here are some FLOWER creations by our members: .. and here are some more   Your turn: Share your FLOWER tips, strategies and stories here in the comments section (and embed photos of your creations)!...

Selling on Etsy

Do any of you have stores on Etsy? We just opened a store, but curious about setting search tags, etc.

Bolivianita Gem

Set Exclusive Desing by Gelsys Jewels Style : Pendat & Errings Set Metal Type : Sterlyn Silver & Bolivianita Gem Length : 9.25

See what I just added on this site

Just joined the community and added a couple of my handmade peices

viking knit

My question is what other wire working would go with viking knit. I am doing a cohesive jewelry line project for online course I am taking and i I like wire working rather then just stringing beads

Roxie&Loulou Online jewelry party

Hello everyone! Have you ever participated in an online jewelry party? I’d like to invite you all to my online jewelry party this weekend on Facebook. Fun and giveaways await you! Thank you...

Question about Fans' Choice

Is the voting only open to members of the Jewelers.Community? Or can we share that FB post to get votes from non-members?


Hi everyone, have only just joined. Really looking forward to getting to know people and exploring the site 😀

Musings of a creative mind #2: What's my style?

I have recently found myself, for marketing reasons, needing to define what my style is. I don’t know if I have a specific style in my jewelry, although I do have a style in my photos, that’s for sure. I guess I don’t think I have a style because...