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hello there everyone,lm from edmonton,alberta .canada

l love to bead ,and make awesome jewelry,l am so happy to find this site

Jewelers.Community Interview: Becca Ross

This interview with Becca Ross is from April 2015 1. Tell us a little about yourself My name is Becca, and I live in the northwestern corner of Canada, in Yukon Territory. It’s very cold here most of the year, but it’s also very beautiful....

Items i have made

Here are a few more photos of my jewellery


I thought I would start my first blog with a few items I have made x Jewellery making is a favorite pass time and one I have developed into a small business.


My wire wrapped button ring.

Jewelers.Community Gazette: Issue 1.01 (April 2015)

Our first “monthly gazette” for our new site – how exciting! Jewelers.Community is off to a great start, with extraordinary artists sharing their beautiful creations as well as their stories and jewelry-making tips! You people are awesome! I...

UFOs are real... Un Finished Objects that is

So after years (like most of my life) of being a creative person, and even after once losing everything I owned that I created with, I have a massive stash. Like a dragon’s hoard almost! So much shiney, so little time. On a more serious note...

Where do I find my time?

Sometimes I have to ask myself the same thing. I work 5 days a week and then come home and start creating or working on someones Special Request order. Sometimes I wake up from a good sleep with these awesome creation ideas. Have to get up and...

Jewelers.Community Awards: Shades of Grey #2: Call For Entries

Entry period of the Jewelers.Community Awards – Shades of Grey is now officially open and will close on April 24. Theme: Shades of Grey You’ve heard of the book (and now the movie) but our Awards Theme is just about the color grey – all...