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Jul 2017    goldendale wa

I have been making jewelry for 2 yrs now. I retired after being an RN for 35 yrs. I have always loved crafts and creating things so started making jewelry 2 yrs ago. I really love doing it and have learned so much but know I have a long way to go. I can't wait to start some new projects for next year. I have set-up my own website, and doing blogs. I could never find the time to learn these things when working. Since I am a beginner I would appreciate any feedback on my jewelry good and bad, that is the only way to learn.
I moved to a small town in WA state where I can garden, my other passion. I don't know why people use to ask me, "won't you be bored if you retire early," my answer, "No Way!"
I am excited to be here so I can see what people are creating and hopefully provide support when needed.

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