Turquoise Bead Embroidered Statement Necklace

This was my very first bead embroidery piece. I made it for my mom’s birthday. She was overwhelmed with it. My dad and I conspired to create something that was out of this world for her. I told him about the stones I had purchased at a gem and mineral show and we exchanged emails so she wouldn’t over hear phone calls. I had enough of the center stones left that I made my dad a bola to match.

Materials: seed beads leather bead backing turquoise

Techniques: bead embroidery bead weaving

Tags: bead embroidery statement necklace gemstone statement necklace gemstone necklace turquoise necklace beaded necklace

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Cindy Weingate ...

Very nice! I bet your mom was not only overwhelmed with such a beautiful gift,.. but also so proud of your talent as well.

Cindy Day ...

Beautiful ! I would love to learn your technique for mounting the cabochons . I can’t quite figure out how to do that .

Shelly Owen ...

Cindy, it helps to trace the cab on the bead backing and make your initial back stitch around your tracing. Then dab a bit of glue in the center and press the cab down firmly. Allow it to dry and there ya go! You just built up the beads around the cab off the original back stitch with a peyote stitch. After the first couple of rows, the cab stays nicely in place. :)

Cindy Day ...

Oh I see . I think I will try that soon . Thanks so much for your help !!

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Turquoise Bead Embroidered Statement Necklace