Day of the Dead Recycled Guitar String Earrings

I collect all things guitar, so when I ran across these charms with skeletons playing guitars, I had to have them. It was only recently I realized the charms were decorations for the Mexican holiday, “Day of the Dead”. I taught International Studies to middle school students for several years, and in my search for exciting cultures for the students to study, I couldn’t leave out our southern neighbors and their rich and interesting culture. It wasn’t until this past fall that I realized my guitar playing skeleton charms were wearing sombreros!

Now that I’ve finally woke up and smelled the coffee, I created a pair of earrings that incorporated this beautiful holiday and tradition with my love of recycled jewelry! This joyous celebration of life is full of brilliant colors and is centered on remembering loved ones. These handmade earrings are adorned with lots of bright colors and the charm has a fantastical way of representing “Day of the Dead”.

The multi-colored beads were woven around recycled guitar strings with fine, red wire. The beaded guitar string surrounds a sombrero wearing, skeletal guitar player dangling in the middle. The design is attached to a fish hook style back.

I might just keep these for myself!

Materials: guitar strings seed beads

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Day of the Dead Recycled Guitar String Earrings