Whimsy Heart Necklace In Copper, Ceramic And Glass

There are swirls, hearts and whimsy oozing from this necklace! I used 14g copper wire that I annealed to make it easier to work with. Annealing is a process where you heat up the copper wire to a low orange color, allowing the heat to physically change the make-up of the wire. After the links were made, I gently flattened them with my chasing hammer and re-hardened them in my tumbler. I finished the necklace off with a double length of black leather.

Materials: ceramic glass copper wire leather

Techniques: wire wrapping

Tags: heart flowers swirls wire wrapping copper glass ceramic whimsical

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Shelly Owen ...

Love your links on this one.

Marta ...


jj jewelry ...

Eye catching, good job.

kimberly newman ...

Love your chain work Molly!

Madalynne Homme ...

Look how creative you are! Beautiful!

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Whimsy Heart Necklace In Copper, Ceramic And Glass