Sleek Bracelet, Jill Wiseman design

Editor's Choice - Jun 04, 2015

Two separate bracelets, shown here. Design is by Jill Wiseman. Created by me.
The first is made of crystal/silver-lined #11 delicas. silver-lined tanzanite size #1 (3mm) bugles, and color-lined sparkle amethyst & bronze mix #11 delicas.
The second (darker) bracelet is made of bronze delicas, bronze size #1 (3mm) bugles, and color-lined sparkle light purple & rose mix #11 delicas. Delicas by Miyuki, and bugles by Toho.
Both bracelets are constructed with hundreds of tiny delicas, using the square stitch. Both bracelets have a peyote-stitched toggle clasp.

Materials: delica seed beads toho bugle beads #1 bugle beads 3mm bugle beads

Techniques: square stitch peyote stitch peyote toggle

Tags: sleek square stitch peyote toggle

Terrie ... " a many-Swarovski'd thing!"


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Madalynne Homme ...

Wow! What a lot of work! Decidedly different! One of a kind! Great work!

Marta ...

Nice! this is a lot of work…but good job. I love this style of bracelet due to being so light on the wrist.

Tammy Byrd ...

Both are beautiful, I love your choice of colors.

Always making great things

Terrie ...

Thank you, ladies. This is one of my favorites to wear…so soft & supple.
It’s all a lot of work & time, but a “labor of love”, right? Or we wouldn’t spend all the money we do on it! lOL!

Madalynne Homme ...

Or Time Girl!!!!

Terrie ...

Hear, hear, Madalynne!

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Sleek Bracelet, Jill Wiseman design