Black Teardrop with Pink & Silver Surrounding - Necklace

Over the years, I’ve collected a large selection of watches. Most were inexpensive with beads, charms, and other do-dads that caught my eye. Unfortunately, I’m hard on watches so most of them are broken in some way. I’ve taken to using these parts to make new jewelry.

I discovered a large, black tear drop pendent in my stash, and used my favorite pink beads to highlight it! The beads, silver & pink, are from a watch that went all over the floor in my middle school classroom while I was teaching a rousing lesson on exponents. We were finding beads for days! The piece is put together with a small length of recycled guitar string and a repurposed stainless chain.

Materials: acrylic beads beading wire teardrop pendent stainless steel seed beads recycled guitar strings

Techniques: beading

Tags: black pink silver necklace guitar strings


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Black Teardrop with Pink & Silver Surrounding - Necklace