Blossoming Cherries

Item 1796a – BLOSSOMING CHERRY – Swarovski AB 8mm Ruby Crystals, Swarovski 4mm Pink Crystals, Enamel Red Cherries, Acrylic Red, White & Pink Flowers with Green Leaves on Single Link Chain with Toggle Clasp Bracelet $36 + $4 S&H.
Designs by LK…Visit all my BEAUTIFUL jewelry pages, just follow the link:

Materials: swarovski crystals acrylic flower beads acrylic leaves link chains toggle clasp

Techniques: chain linking clustering

Designs by LK


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jj jewelry ...

I saw the photo of your bracelet on FB and knew right away that it must be a creation from Linda. Yup, and it is beautiful.

kimberly newman ...

Very pretty Linda!

Madalynne Homme ...


Linda Foust ...

Thats pretty cool JJ, I do the same thing. Isn’t it funny, how the people I have been following I see something and I know it’s theirs. :)
Thank you ladies, I actually stole he idea from one I follow here in Jewelers C. :_) Miss Madalynne! :
+) Her work is so awesome!

FiveR's Treasures ...

Aaahh.. This is the sweetest bracelet!

Linda Foust ...

Thank you FiveR’s!

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Blossoming Cherries