Beaded Tassel #1, Jill Wiseman design

This is a necklace I created, from a Jill Wiseman design. The end cap and tassel are fully beaded, using 11° antique silver seed beads, and embellished with 3mm fire-polished crystals around the perimeter of the end cap and at the ends of the tassel fringe . The chain is SilverSilk capture ball chain.
I have also made this necklace in bronze w/ marbled black 11° seeds, embellished with 3mm jet black fire-polished crystals. These tassels are amazingly supple and soft, provide lots of “sassy” movement and are a lot of fun to wear. It almost seems as though you’re wearing a worry stone around your neck, and you can’t help but play with the soft fringe of the tassel. :-)

Materials: 11/0 seed beads 3mm fire-polished crystals wildfire thread clasp silversilk capture chain crimp ends for chain

Techniques: peyote stitch

Tags: tassells silversilk

Terrie ... " a many-Swarovski'd thing!"


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Marta ...

I haven’t been crazy for the tassel look….till now! I absolutely love this! Wonderful piece!

Terrie ...

I didn’t care for them either, Marta, until I learn to Bead them. I never was a fan of leather and chains tassels. But now that I bead the cap and the tassels that go inside it, it makes for a very interesting tassel. And it’s almost like a worry stone… You can’t keep from playing with it, it’s so soft and supple! Thank you for your compliment.

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Beaded Tassel #1, Jill Wiseman design