scarf necklace

this is a scarf necklace but the wooden beads have been hand painted. love this technique !

Materials: aluminium wire 3mm and 1 mm wooden beads

Techniques: wire working

Tags: wood beads

Sandra from boutique Sand'ar


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sunshine ...

Is there a way to get pattern for any of the items posted on here

sandi ...

I love your work. This one is one of my favorites.

Sandra Mongeau ...

thank you so much ! unfortunately, i have no paterns, it is all done by instict but i can try to make one someday ! have a good day ! :)

Terrie ...

I really love your scarf necklaces! Such a grand idea! You said you don’t have patterns, but do you mind if we borrow your idea, do some of our own?

Sandra Mongeau ...

no problem :)

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scarf necklace