Knot to Shabby Necklace!

Did this is less than an hour! People are always asking me what to do with cording. Well put some knots in it! Just use 4 pieces of cording through a pendant and knot beads on evenly spaced. Tada! You have a cool necklace.

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Martha Brownell ...

Wow! How unique and well put together! I love this and what a cool idea!

Annah Kay ...

Great tip! I am at a standstill with cord. And yours looks great.

kimberly newman ...

Thank you Martha!

kimberly newman ...

Thank you Annah! It looks better on because it lays right. Hard to lay it flat to get a picture.

Madalynne Homme ...

I love your ingenuity! Beautiful!

Marta ...

Very nice!

kimberly newman ...

Thank you Madalynne! Like you, my brain never stops! LOL!

kimberly newman ...

Thank you Marta!

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Knot to Shabby Necklace!