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I know this is not jewelry…but I was playing around with a picture of my German Shepherd and some acrylic paint and wanted to make some type of abstract portrait of my dog for my wall…nothing fancy…nothing serious. This is the result. I posted it on my FB and someone not only bought this one, but ordered 2 more exactly the same but with different background colors. So the point of this you ask? I’ve made more profit in these paintings than I have in the year and a half I’ve been doing jewelry! WOW…what an eye opener.

Beaded Bliss


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Chris Donofrio ...

Love it! Beautiful colors, love the design!

Marta ...

Sometimes the universe takes us in a whole new direction! I say go for it, the painting is awesome, fun and just plain colorful. And mainly, I think it is exciting!

Marta ...

Oh….and why not do both painting and jewelry making? What a great booth you could have!

Beaded Bliss ...

Thanks ladies…I am still doing the jewelry…but the painting is the priority right now…for many reasons…sanity is the #1 reason…it cleanses the soul in an odd kind of way.

K. Lynn Designs ...

you are very talented!

Beaded Bliss ...

Thank you. It seems to be a lucrative move on my part. I’ve sold 3 of Kodi’s 1 cat and a horse already and I have an order for 2 custom german shepherds to complete. My son wants one of his dog and the lady that bought the first 5 wants 2 more. Wow…I have to say I’m overwhelmed with happiness that people think these are that good that they want one in their home. I’m very Blessed.

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Kodi Abstract