"African Queen" Turquoise & Cluster Necklace

This is a necklace I made, using a Superduo blend called “African Turquoise”. It’s done in separate tubes of a modified RAW, and I employed Linda Foust’s clustering technique for the clusters. Thank you, again, Linda! The stitched sections are a take on Jill Wiseman’s “Daydreamer” rope.
It does not have a clasp; it slips over one’s head. I am in love with it. I’d sell it for the right price, but I think, for now, this one’s gonna be MINE. :-)

Materials: czech superduos toho 11/0 seed beads wildfire thread - sage green assorted 4mm - 10mm beads bronze head pins 6mm jump rings

Techniques: modified raw clustering

Tags: turquoise necklace african turquoise clustering raw right angle weave bead tubes

Terrie ... "Love...is a many-Swarovski'd thing!"


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Cheryl Lojewski ...

Absolutely beautiful!

Linda Foust ...

This is Beautiful Terrie! Magnificent Job

Marta ...

Great piece!

Terrie ...

Thank you, Cheryl, Linda and Marta! And a very special “thank you” to you, Linda, for sharing your clustering technique with this site. It was very helpful.
I’m still not “there” yet, but practice makes perfect, right? I’ve ordered a BOAT load of head pins, so I’m ready to tackle it full-tilt now! haha!
Thank you, again, ladies, for your lovely comments!

kimberly newman ...

Beautiful work Terri! Love the color blend.

Terrie ...

Thank You, Kimberly! I think working with turquoise shades and bronze or antique silver color blends are my favorite. I seem to make a lot of jewelry in these tones! Lol!

Sharon ...

Beautiful work Terrie! Love the colors!

Terrie ...

Thank you, Sharon!

lisaror ...

I think I am going to love it in here girls! And guys

Madalynne Homme ...

Amazing Terrie!

Terrie ...

Gosh, thanks, Madalynne ! Thats high praise, indeed! I value yours and Linda’s opinions, highly! I’m tickled pink that people are responding so well to this piece .

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"African Queen" Turquoise & Cluster Necklace