Tool organizer caddy -- made by my husband!

We worked most of the afternoon on this. I’m sooooo happy with it. Hubby was the one who actually made it and did the work; I just supplied the design, and helped by running & fetching stuff, “here, hold this end”, etc. It’s solid pine, but for the “floor” in the storage box, which is Masonite.
We worked off a basic design of a caddy I had recently seen, on FireMountainGems, but I already had the upper tool caddy part of it … he just incorporated it into the design and made it the top tier, then added the wire and thread bar and the storage bin on the lower tier. It measures 25.25" long x 10.5" high x 7.5" deep.
I LOVE IT, and it has enabled me to clean up about 5 different, obnoxious piles, and created more room for more bead storage. Yaaayyy…time to buy more beads, I guess! LOL!

Materials: pine screws connector plates drill

Techniques: woodworking

Tags: tool caddy tool organizer wire storage thread storage

Terrie ... " a many-Swarovski'd thing!"


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penpen ...

Absolutely love it 😊.

Linda Foust ...

Awesome! Gonna have to get in gear and make myself one of those!

Martha Brownell ...

Looks like it would be a wonderful organizational tool! Can you provide the instructions? I love the wire/chain rod and would like to know how the tools stand up in the top level! Thank you!

Marta ...

I think your husband has a new side job! It looks great and having your tools right in front of you helps immensely!

Terrie ...

Thank you , Marta! He already has a very demanding job that requires a LOT of travel and way too much time spent away from home ! LOL! That’s why , when he IS home, I take advantage of it and get him to make stuff for me and do projects around the house . 😀

Martha, if you look closely at the 2nd photo, you might get an idea about standing the tools up in the toolbar . There are two rows of holes drilled along the top of a 2×4, evenly spaced & equidistant . The holes are drilled large enough so the tool handles fit in them and stand upright! That part is simple; I made one of those for my best friend, and tole painted it for her, for Christmas last year . Made a cute one for my daughter , too. My husband had made the top tier toolbar in this photo several mos ago, and it has just been free-standing on my work bench. Very hsndy! Once I asked him to make the whole caddy , he just incorporated the toolbar into the overall design.

The rod that holds my wire/thread is simply a piece of 1/4" steel rod, painted so it won’t rust.
I don’t have any instructions , but it’s basically just an open storage box on bottom, two uprights for the side supports, and the toolbar is fastened across the top.

Martha Brownell ...

Thank you!!

Terrie ...

You’re welcome! You wouldn’t believe how many people, from Facebook and other sites, have commented on and asked me how to make this tool caddy! Lol! It is, indeed, a very handy organizer!

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Tool organizer caddy -- made by my husband!