Instructions for "Christmas Poinsietta" earrings

I was asked to provide the instructions for these earrings. I wrote them geared towards BEGINNERS. If you’re very experienced, you’ll soon see that you can skip most of these instructions, and just look at the photo and follow the thread path. Hope you enjoy! Merry CHRISTmas!

For supplies, you’ll need (total, for both earrings):
40 – Superduos (SD) – I used
“Opaque Red” for those in the photo, but “Chalk Red Lava” is much prettier … I have those on-order!
22 – 24 size 11° seed beads (I use Toho, my preference) (SB)
10 – 4mm beads (rounds, FP rounds, bicone crystals, roundels … your choice, but they should be 4mm) (I used "Fern Swarovski 4mm crystal bicones for those pictured, but they are actually very pretty with 4mm roundels, too … also have those on-order! LOL!)
2 – wire guardians (WG)
2 – earring hook findings

  1. English beading needle
    1 yard of Fireline or Wildfire thread (my preference is Wildfire, sage green)

1. Note: it helps to look at the photo as you sew these together.

2. Pick up 1 SD, and 1 SB .. do this four more times, alternating, for a total of five SD and SB.
3. Bring them into a circle and tie into a knot. Leave only a small tail, 1.5 – 2", just enough to thread on a needle and work in later.
4. Needle thru to pull the knot into a SB, continuing so that you are exiting from a SD, and step up into the empty hole of that same SD.
5.Pick up 2 SD (these will be your “twins”), and go thru the top empty hole of the adjacent SD. Do this all the way around.
6.Continue thru (like, 3 beads) so that you are on the outside of a SD “twin” set (not between them), and step up thru the empty hole of the SD you are exiting.
7. Pick up 1 SD and go thru the adj “twin” SD. Pick up one 4mm crystal and go thru the adj SD. Pick up 1 SD and go thru the adj “twin”, then another crystal, and so forth, until you have gone all the way around (again, look at the picture to help explain this). Reinforce this row, if you feel it’s necessary.
8. Coming out of your 4mm (“green crystal”, most likely), add 3 SB (or 4 - you’ll have to judge the fit, here, which is why I said “22 – 24 seed beads” in the supply list. MINE only took three, but it might depend on the brand and size of SB you use).
9. Go thru the hole of the adj. SD.
10. Go thru one side/hole of the WG.
11. Circle around, go thru the 2nd hole of the WG, then thru the top hole of the same SD you went thru in step #9.
12. PIck up 3 SB (or 4, if needed) and continue thru in the same direction, through the adj. 4mm (again, likely a “green crystal”).
13. Continue needling around your work, making sure you go thru that WG again, at least twice, and preferably 3 times [total], to secure your work.
14. Weave thru the piece, tying 1/2-hitch knots a couple of times, and cut or burn your thread.
15. Attach the earring to the ear wire finding.
16. Repeat for the second earring.

*Don’t tie 1/2-hitch knots next to a crystal … crystals cut, so always tie your knot a couple beads away from a crystal. Don’t cut/burn your thread right at your knot. Again, needle “away” from the knot before cutting/burning thread.
*Wire Guardians are optional, but I think they look nice, and will prevent your thread from fraying on the ear wire.

Hope these instructions are clear. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions, ok?
Enjoy … Merry CHRISTmas!

Materials: superduos 11° toho seed beads 4mm bicones and pearls and roundels wire guardians wildfire beading thread earring findings

Techniques: bead weaving

Tags: poinsettias

Terrie ... " a many-Swarovski'd thing!"


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Linda Foust ...

Thanks Terri, I was going to ask you this evening! Hurray! Someone beat me to it. Thank you for your time in doing this, very much appreciated.

Terrie ...

You’re so welcome, LInda.
My “Chalk Red Lava” Superduo beads arrived today, and believe me - they are gorgeous. I plan to make several pairs out of that color. the “Opaque Red”, as in this picture, are pretty, but this Chalk Red Lava has such a pretty lustre finish to it, and will make gorgeous poinsettias. I ordered them on AmazonPrime, 2-day free shipping.
Good luck! Any questions … just send me a note. You have my email! :)

Cheryl Lojewski ...

Terrie, I ordered my beads today and can’t wait to get them! Instead of the Chalk Red Lava, I got the Siam Ruby. If it goes well, them I’ll try the others. Excited!

Terrie ...

Oooh, the Siam sounds pretty! I know I like Swarovski’s Lt. Siam color, so that color sounds pretty. I made some other poinsettias with a transparent red bead, called “Marbled Gold Siam Ruby”, that has a slightly gold etched finish on them. It looks very pretty, too. I added a second photo, above, that shows the Marbled Gold Siam Ruby … you can see slight gold flecks on the finish. But this Chalk Lava Red is gorgeous. The photos don’t do them justice.
Where did you order your beads? I got a 22gm tube, from AmazonPrime, and it was $9 and some change, I think. I was very happy with that (and free shipping, to boot!).
Glad you’re excited, Cheryl. Can’t wait to see pics!

Update: so, I just went to Amazon and typed in “Siam Ruby”, and saw the color of your beads. It’s exactly the same color red as the ones I have, “Marbled Gold Siam Ruby”, but picture mine with that gold marbled finish on top of the transparent red. Pretty!
I’m excited to see how yours turn out! Get stitchin’, girl! hahaha!

Debbie Pribele ...

In our Gazette this month, I asked for volunteers to post tutorials for “Creative Challenges” .. .this is a perfect example.

I hope you don’t mind me using it, Terrie, to entice people to give it a try.
I am going to post a blog so people can embed pictures of their creations to see what people come up with.

Terrie ...

You go for it! :-) I’m flattered. However, as I told Cheryl L. in a PM, I’m only “paying this forward”, as someone else found the earrings on another site and ‘made up’ her own pattern, then graciously and generously shared it w/ me! So, I hope others will benefit from it, as well.

Debbie Pribele ...

Thanks to “someone else” and the “someone-else-else” in the line of paying it forward!

Terrie ...

Yep … that’s what it’s all about.

Martha Brownell ...

Thank you for the instructions and for writing them for us beginners! Beautiful!

Terrie ...

You’re very welcome! They make great pointsettas, but they can also translate into snowflakes, or green wreaths, or anything else your imagination will let you do, with different styles and shapes of the Beads. Very simple to make!

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Instructions for "Christmas Poinsietta" earrings