Raining On Prom Night

Editor's Choice - Dec 23, 2015

These earrings were designed by Kelly Dale, from “Off The Beaded Path”. I made them as a ‘thank you’ gift for a friend, who gave me some very nice tools for jewelry making!! She wouldn’t accept any money, and insisted that I not send her the postage to mail them! Hmmmmm … so I thought I’d make a pretty pair of earrings she might be able to wear out on New Year’s Eve.
They are quite large and dangly … they measure 3¼" from the crest of the earwire to the bottom tip of the earring! She really likes “vintage-looking” stuff, and wears a lot of unique earrings, so hopefully these will be to her liking!

Materials: 4mm swarovski bicones 3mm fire-polished crystals 11° toho seed beads wildfire beading thread earwires wire guardians

Techniques: raw bead weaving

Tags: prom raw earrings swarovski crystals dangle earrings dangles

Terrie ... "Love...is a many-Swarovski'd thing!"


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Annah Kay ...

I bet she loves them. Very pretty. And so sweet sending a thank you gift :)

Terrie ...

Thank you, Annah. It was the very least I could do, and such a small token, after she sent me those beautiful, high-quality tools. She retired from the electronics industry and had no further use for the tools, and knew I make jewelry, and wanted me to have them. They’re really high-end, quality Swiss and Italian tools.

Annah Kay ...

That is so cool. It’s always nice when people see that you love something help out to just be nice. I had a lady donate a box of beads and findings to me once.
But fancy tools, waaaay awesome!😀

Linda Foust ...

Stunning! She will love them

Terrie ...

Thank you, Linda! I just got notification that these earrings got Editor’s Choice. Wow! That’s very reassuring to me, that at least SOMEone likes them! LOL!

Yes, it is very cool, Annah, when someone “pays it forward”. I had an elderly lady, my sister in law’s mother, give me a huge box of seed beads, lace, decorative pins, etc., as she knew I loved beading. She used to make decorative pillows and floral arrangements for weddings, etc., and had ALL KINDS of silver, gold, crystal, etc., seed beads, head pins, etc. So, I “inherited” them. That lady passed away about 3 weeks ago, and I now look at those seed beads much differently!!

Thank you, jewelers.community, for the Editor’s Choice pick. I do appreciate it very much!

Marta ...

Congrats Terrie for Editor’s Choice! These are awesome, and it’s a nice way to thank your friend!

Terrie ...

Thank you, Marta!
Merry Christmas!

Madalynne Homme ...

So loving these! Beautiful job Terrie!

Terrie ...

Thank you, Madalynne! I’m liking them more and more, as I look at them more. I’m thinking I’ll make myself a pair in a different color.

Donna's trinkets, LLC ...

What a beautiful thank you gift! The colors are perfect together and the crystals make these absolutely stunning.

Terrie ...

Thank you, Donna! I thought the colors made them look sorta “vintage”, huh? And she loves vintage stuff!
I did receive a nice note from her a few days ago, and she absolutely loved them. She was searching out something special to wear with them for New Year’s Eve. She thought they were just gorgeous, and was especially appreciative that they were a hand-crafted piece. So, I’m glad they suited her.

Martha Brownell ...

Beautiful work! What a wonderful gift!

Terrie ...

Thank you! But really, the gift she gave me was so much more! She is a retired electronics engineer, and had the most beautiful tools! She had no more need for them, so she gave them to me! Several hundred dollars worth of tools, I might add! So really, these earrings were just a pittance! Thank you for the lovely compliment!

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