Epidote in copper

This interesting stone is the first of it’s type that I have worked with. I had a large amount of difficulty getting this to stay in it’s setting as it has a bit of a heavy bottomed off center teardrop shape that didn’t want to stay put. It’s embellished with a microfaceted moldavite, tourmaline and one micropearl.

Materials: copper copper wire pearl tourmaline moldavite

Techniques: wire wrapping wire weaving

A flower does not compete with the beauty around it, it just blooms.


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Linda Foust ...

Your wiring techniques are awesome

Becca Ross ...

Thank you! I don’t know how great I think I am, but we are our own worst critics.

Becca Ross ...

I’ve been making nonstop for about 4 years now. Maybe it’s 3.5.. and I aim for a piece a day. I hate the picture taking and editing process though.

Becca Ross ...

I am obsessive :) My pretties! LOL

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Epidote in copper