My Mother's Eye

My mother wanted a black necklace and she knew she wanted it double-stranded to go with a sweater she’s wearing for an upcoming special occasion. I had her come to my place, gave her a bead tray and my box of black beads and let her go. This is the design she came up with – snowflake obsidian and onyx. It wasn’t what she originally had in mind, but once she had it laid out she couldn’t get over how well it came together. All I did was make it wearable. While I certainly love creating jewelry on my own, it’s equally as pleasing to let someone design their own unique piece and put it together for them knowing they can take pride in having something they had a hand in that no one else has. The looks on their faces is so worth it. It’s the whole reason I got into jewelry-making, and I’m so glad my mother reminded me of that.

Materials: snowflake onyx

Techniques: beading

Tags: snowflake obsidian onyx


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Marta ...

That was great to let your mom do that. And you both did a phenomenal job!

Cheryl Lojewski ...

I agree! Very nice piece.

Linda Foust ...

Very Nice

Cindy A. ...

Thank you!

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My Mother's Eye