A nice piece of Opalite that I cut, shaped and wire wrapped in Sterling. A milky white with varying hues of color.

Materials: opalite sterling silver wire

Techniques: lapidary wire wrapping

Tags: opalite


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Terrie ...

Oh, Cindy .. they just keep getting prettier and prettier. I love the wire you’ve used … what do you call that? (the twisted looking stuff). And where do you buy wire?
I need to learn to do some wire wrapping stuff … do you teach?! LOL!

Linda Foust ...

Another Beautiful piece! Oh, teaching would be wonderful. I agree with Terrie. I have done wire wrapping in the past, but it never looked like it was suppose to. Usually trashed it. LOL

Cindy Weingate ...

You girls are to sweet! You know,…I could probably put together a simple basic tutorial blog for wire wrapping on Jewelers Community. I use wire that I purchase through Wirejewelry.com. I use 21 gauge square sterling wire and 21 gauge half round wire. I twist the wire myself,…which some people think is hard but its not at all hard. You really only need to know the basics to get started and then imagination and lots of patience….haha!

Terrie ...

You twist all that wire yourself??? Wow. that’s a skill right there in itself! :-)
I’d love to see a basic tutorial. I know they can be time consuming to do, but I’m sure lots of others would love to see it, too.

Cheryl Lojewski ...

Love, love Opalite! Another beautiful one! I’m with Terrie & Linda, I would love to see a video.

Donna's trinkets, LLC ...

Oh, Cindy, this is so pretty. I love how the opalite and the gold complement each other. Beautiful!

Madalynne Homme ...

Oh my! Simply stunning!

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