Asymetric repositionable headband

Editor's Choice - Mar 21, 2016

This design is a prototype, and as such, has a few bugs in it. I gave it a test wear, and the way it sits doesn’t quite work for how I feel it’s supposed to. This is likely because I left the wired on beads, on the band, before I mounted the piece on the band. I think it might be more secure, and sit better, if I were to add a loop on either end of the piece to hold it’s shape and position better on the band. I tried using a tie on design before this, but it didn’t look right. My inspiration for this piece was the section of shibori silk that I used to make it. Everything basically came together around it. The rock in the main bezel is an unknown agate that I was gifted by a fan, and I’m so very happy that I was able to use it for something. I backed this in a durable thick leather.

Materials: shibori silk toho 11/0 seed beads swarovski crystals swarovski crystal rivoli unknown jasper delica 11/0 tube beads czech glass beads leather rizo beads o beads square beads

Techniques: bead weaving bead embroidery shibori silk placement techniques

A flower does not compete with the beauty around it, it just blooms.


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Marta ...

Becca, the more shibori silk I see, the more I like it! Very pretty and I’m sure you’ll get the bugs out! 👍😉

Madalynne Homme ...

Beautiful Becca! Love all the color and texture!

Donna's trinkets, LLC ...

Very pretty, Becca. I love the colors.

Becca Ross ...

Editor’s choice again! Wow! Thank you!

Martha Brownell ...

Congrats on the Editors Choice! This piece is exquisite! If this is the beginning, I can not wait to see the beautiful final piece!

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Asymetric repositionable headband