Southwestern Sunset Surprises

Simple but fun! I took flat wide wire, hole punched and wire wrapped seed beads around them to make earrings and bangles.

Materials: flat wide wire enameled wire seed beads

Techniques: wire wrapping

Tags: earrings bangles seed beads wire wrapping

Designs By Madalynne


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Cheryl Lojewski ...

Very southwest!

Martha Brownell ...

Very cute and fun!

Annah Kay ...

Love those bracelets!

Marta ...

Very fun! The colors remind me of a party under the big blue sky!

kimberly newman ...

Love the colors! So cute!

Donna's trinkets, LLC ...

So cute & colorful!

Terrie ...

Very simple, quick, and cute! Did you post them on the creation collaboration with the southwestern theme? 😊

Madalynne Homme ...

Thanks Gals! Yes I did post them Terrie. Funny thing, I made these a few months back and they have been just sitting around. When everyone decided to do Southwest, I was like oh boy. Then I remembered these! LOL! Very beginner friendly!

Terrie ...

I’ll have to show them to my daughter (she loves all your stuff, anyway … I’ve shown her a lot of it and other stuff on this site). She will really like these earrings and bracelet. She’s sort of a beginner, and she’d love making these, I’m sure.

Would you absolutely need the chain and clasps on the bangles, or would they bend around your wrist and stay put, as they are?

Madalynne Homme ...

Terrie, the metal is very soft and moves around. Maybe if a person used a soft rubber mallet and hammered it a bit, it might stabilize. But don’t count on it. Also you take a chance of the color coming off. So that is why I put the clasp and chain on it. That’s another reason I don’t try and sell them.

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Southwestern Sunset Surprises