Golden labradorite pendant

Editor's Choice - Sep 26, 2016

It didn’t want to take a good picture, but I finally got a picture of the flash. It’s messy on the back. Not one of my best. I still love it!

Materials: gold filled wire sterling silver sterling silver wire sterling silver beads gold filled beads labradorite

Techniques: hammering wire wrapping wire weaving coiling coiled coil

Tags: victorian inspired industrial heady

A flower does not compete with the beauty around it, it just blooms.


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Cheryl Lojewski ...

What a beautiful stone!

Martha Brownell ...

Stunning! Your work is so beautiful Becca.

Donna's trinkets, LLC ...

Absolutely beautiful!

Cindy Weingate ...

I think a very nice job! Well done… ;)

Terrie ...

Ditto! It really is beautiful. Love your use of mixed metals.

Becca Ross ...

That’s me trying to make my expensive metal last. Invention is born of necessity, they say ;) I’m cheap, I admit it. I don’t sell lots and lots yet so I have to make every dollar count.

And besides all of that, I love the look. It was perfect for this stone!
Thank you ladies!

Terrie ...

Certainly nothing wrong with being thrifty-minded. And as you said, the mixed metals bring out the best in this stone. It’s a beauty, and has ALL the metals colors in it! Well done, Becca … AGAIN!

ggChambers ...

I love your work, Becca!

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Golden labradorite pendant