Delphica wire wrapped pendant with negative space

This howlite bead was sitting on my studio desk and had been for quite a while. I loved the colour and the soft, smooth feel of this bead and thought it would look nice in sterling. When wrapping, the asymmetrical shape was going to prove a little daunting until I decided to include the negative space and embellish it with a coil of wires, wrapped and bare. It is around 32mm high and an absolute pleasure to wear. The jury is out regarding negative space but I am not going to fill that space, but rather, leave it open.

Materials: howlite sterling silverfilled wire sterling silver wire

Techniques: wire wrapping wire weaving

Tags: necklace sterling sterling silver howlite handmade handmade jewellery artisan negative space australian jewellery



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Martha Brownell ...

Beautiful wire wrapping!

Magenta ...

thank you Martha
This was named by my four year old granddaughter and we made up a story about the purple fairy who lives inside the stone. Love it

Marta ...

Interesting and great wrapping!

kimberly newman ...

Very nice! Love the purplr with silver.

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Delphica wire wrapped pendant with negative space