New Feather Frame pendant style - Lapis Lazuli

I’ve been working a lot with 30 gauge wire as my weave wire and I’m loving it. It takes a little longer to make a piece and takes more wire, but I love the look. It gives my pieces a more elegant look…I think, anyway. This particular pendant is in sterling silver wire that features a Lapis cabochon and tiny beads and a seamless sterling silver bead. I seal almost all my work with ProtectaClear.

Materials: lapis lapis lazuli sterling silver wire pendant cabochon protectaclear

Techniques: wire wrapping wire weaving wire working wire wire bending bending wire

Tags: lapis lapis lazuli cab cabochon pendant necklace bead beaded sterling silver wire wire wrapped woven wire jewelry jewellery



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K. Lynn Designs ...

Simply mind blowing wire work!

ggChambers ...

Thank you so much!!

Martha Brownell ...

Unbelievable! Beautiful work!

Magenta ...

Looks amazing. Great wire work

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New Feather Frame pendant style - Lapis Lazuli