Sterling Silver Feather Frame and Peach Picasso Stone Pendant

Editor's Choice - Jan 02, 2017

This is another pendant from my Feather Frame collection. It is woven in sterling silver wire and features a large peachy Picasso Stone cabochon. It also has two seamless sterling silver beads. The bail is done so you can put your chain through just the center prong or all three, and will accept a chain with width up to 5mm. Sealed with ProtectaClear.

Materials: picasso jasper cabochon sterling silver wire protectaclear

Techniques: wire weaving woven wire wire wrapped wire wrapping bending wire wire bending wire stitching

Tags: sterling silver wire picasso jasper gem stone gemstone pendant necklace cab cabochon woven wire wire wrapped jewelry jewllery pink peach



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ggChambers ...

Thank you so much for choosing my Feather Frame pendant for Editor’s Choice! I am thrilled!

Martha Brownell ...

This is so beautiful! I love your wire work!

ggChambers ...

Thank you, Martha!

Madalynne Homme ...

Very accomplished wire working going on. Beautiful!

Magenta ...

Lovely fine wire work

ggChambers ...

Thanks, everyone!! I try!

RockSterling ...

love it

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Sterling Silver Feather Frame and Peach Picasso Stone Pendant