This stunning black tiger eye spoke to me and I wrapped him in sterling silver and sterling silver filled wire. From the start it worked beautifully and my hands and mind were ‘in the zone’. When done, however, I was dismayed to find the stone was a little too loose for my liking and could be easily popped out. Loathe to redo, I looked for a solution. Not wanting to break the elegant lines of the piece, I opted for a single 20ga wire in the front to add security and it also added some understated detail. Just perfect. The hook and clasp are my signature hand made barrel and hook. Love how it finished.

Materials: black tiger eye sterling silver sterling silver filled wire

Techniques: wire wrapping wire weaving

Tags: elegant sterling necklace tiger eye black tiger eye handmade ooak



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Martha Brownell ...

I love it too! The 20 gauge wire is perfect, a very nice added touch that sets it apart! Beautiful work.

BJ Rounds ...

This piece is beautiful! How clever of you to solve your problem with wire and I agree with Martha that it became a special added touch to set it apart from other pendants. Congratulations on being awarded Editor’s Choice! It’s well-deserved.

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