Reversible Sodalite necklace

Editor's Choice - Mar 16, 2017

This fully reversible Sodalite necklace got in on some LOS time that I had a couple of days ago. I don’t normally automatically age things as soon as I make them, but of it sits for long enough, especially if it starts to darken naturally, I will help it along. This is copper and sterling silver, aged, with a few highlights revealed, and then tumble polished. I haven’t enjoyed them this dark previously when I was polishing by hand, but I am completely in love with the burnished finish on the darkened silver!

Materials: granular sodalite sodalite copper wire sterling silver wire

Techniques: hammer forming coiling viking knit wire wrapping wire weaving

A flower does not compete with the beauty around it, it just blooms.


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Marta ...

Whoa! I’m so loving this! It’s gorgeous Becca!

Donna's trinkets, LLC ...

Ditto! It’s awesome, Becca.

K. Lynn Designs ...


Cheryl Lojewski ...

Stunning! Congrats. :O)

Terrie ...

This blows me away, Becca! Gorgeous. The burnishing of the copper and silver really bring out the colors of that stone. Nicely done!

Martha Brownell ...

This is amazing! I can’t imagine the time and work dedicated to this. You do absolutely stunning work Becca!

Becca Ross ...

Thank you! I need to get a new belt for my tumbler as it broke while tumbling this. My poor multiple decade old tumbler lol I hadn’t used it for my jewellery until recently because the belt was deformed from sitting in my dad’s workshop, and the motor needed a good cleaning and oiling. Well, I had to clean it a few times before it would work, but I got it to work. Now I have to get a new belt as nothing I’ve tried to rig up as a replacement has worked. But now that I’ve seen the results for myself, I’m definitely going to get it working again.

Magenta ...

Wonderful piece Becca

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Reversible Sodalite necklace