Unusual Stone - the Hypersthene

My new gemstone supplier has introduced me to a whole bucketload of new stones. This one is a hypersthene. Never heard of this before but I just love it. The colour is a deep mink brown and the concentric circles catch in the light giving it the typical hypersthene appearance. I wrapped this tiny teardrop in sterling silver and placed it on a tarnish resistant chain with my own hand crafted hook. It is a very simple but elegant piece.

Materials: sterling silver wire hypersthene gemstone

Techniques: wire wrapping wire weaving

Tags: sterling gemstone hypersthene handmade ooak wire weaving



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Marta ...

Very pretty!

Martha Brownell ...

A beautiful stone and your wire wrap is wonderful!

Magenta ...

Thanks Martha

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Unusual Stone - the Hypersthene