Water Sapphire

Since my creative drive is still on haitus I’m still working on the same design with different beads, but this iolite necklace really surprised me. I didn’t think the difference in color of stones would work out. Once I had the final piece laid out, I fell in love. I just wish I could remember where I got the iolite rounds!

Materials: iolite iolite chips

Techniques: beading

Tags: iolite necklace cynna moon designs chips and rounds


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Cheryl Lojewski ...

Love the color of blue.

Terrie ...

It’s very pretty, Cindy!

Cindy A. ...

Thank you!

Martha Brownell ...

I too am on a "creative hiatus ". I admire you pushing through it and putting together this beautiful piece. Life is very complicated and difficult sometimes so taking a little time to just sit down and make something simple and lovely like this is a beautiful thing to do. Keep your faith.

Marta ...

I love this Cindy! I can imagine this with some jeans and a cute top. Plus, it’s something you can wear often. Oh, and I too am on hiatus….hoping I get in the mood soon, I have a bracelet commissioned for June!

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Water Sapphire