Portwenn Bracelet

Editor's Choice - Apr 10, 2017

This was created by using Odd Peyote stitching and by following my dear friend’s pattern I bought from her on Etsy [Portween by Julie Ann Smith].

Materials: 11/0 delicas findings clasps

Techniques: peyote stitch

Tags: julie ann smith patterns peyote

~ Castle ~


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Cheryl Lojewski ...

That is so pretty! I just bought a loom to try to do some bracelets like this, but haven’t ventured into it yet. I love the colors you used. Could you let me know the type of clasp you used? I think it wold work on loom bracelets as well.

Castle Andrews ...

This bracelet was stitched, not loomed. However, I used what I had at the time, which was a Ribbon Clasp.

A ribbon clasp will work, but you have to be very careful when closing it because of the teeth; if you clamp too tightly, it will break your beads. I also added some E6000 to make it more secure.

I’ve ordered some “Loom Slider Clasps” that is made specifically for pieces made like this or ones made on a loom.

Marta ...


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Portwenn Bracelet