Lapis Lazuli captured in Sterling Silver Necklace

This necklace was commissioned as a birthday present – all I was told was that the recipient liked the color blue, and I was given full creative license to design something. I had a beautiful flat faced lapis lazuli stone that I purchased before I really knew what to look for in a stone to bezel set. It turned out that the stone really didn’t lend itself to a bezel at all because the sides angled the wrong way – no wonder the price was right! Haha

I knew that to use the stone, I’d have to come up with a more unique way to capture it. After watching a instructional video on layered pendants by Robyn Cornelius, I decided to incorporate some of her ideas with some of my own – and the pendant is the result. I used brad rivets (with tubing in between the layers) to secure the stone in place. Prior to placement, I also tried a new technique (new to me!) of adding a gemstone/sterling silver post earring to the stone by drilling a hole with a diamond bit and securing/supergluing it into the stone.

The organic design for the front layer was drawn onto paper, then glued onto the sterling silver sheet and hand sawed out. Appropriate sized holes were drilled in the plate to securely capture the lapis stone with rivets. I used a rough bit to apply a texture to the top of the back plate and used liver of Sulphur to create a nice patina – this creates a bit more depth and helps the stone show. Both top and bottom were polished appropriately then everything was assembled and the rivets set.

Materials: sterling silver 22 ga sheet lapis lazuli mystic topaz rivets tube spacers sterling silver chain liver of sulphur

Techniques: hand sawing motif design drilling stone riveting

Tags: sterling silver lapis lazuli statement necklace statement jewelry mystic topaz



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Marta ...

Wow! Awesome job!

Michal Bulla ...

very nice, well done!

kimberly newman ...

Lots of work is evident in this piece. Beautiful job!

Shanks ...

I’m new to jewelry making but I’ve already been drawn to the use of rivets. I really love this piece, very nice work!

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Lapis Lazuli captured in Sterling Silver Necklace