Ruby Abandon

Editor's Choice - Jun 29, 2017

This beautiful ruby zoisite pendant sat in my stash for a while. I wrapped it in sterling silver wire and just felt it wasn’t quite finished. There is sat again for a long while. Finally, the decision to source some tiny ruby beads was made. Weeks went by as they crawled from the other side of the world. Finally these tiny babies arrived and I immediately added them to the pendant. Luckily the holes were large enough to accommodate my wire. A small flourish to finish and she was done. Called Ruby Abandon as she was abandoned in stages along the way but now she will have pride of place in my collection.

Materials: sterling wire ruby in zoisite gemstone ruby beads

Techniques: wire wrapping wire weaving

Tags: pendant ruby abandon zoisite handmade sterling silver



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RockSterling ...

Nice work

Magenta ...

Thanks so much.

Marta ...

Very pretty!

Martha Brownell ...

Stunning wire work!

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Ruby Abandon