Wire Wrapped Blue Dyed Druzy Pendant

So I wanted to link a few pictures to my blog: Interest to Hobby, Hobby to Passion, Passion to Profession #2: Hobby to Passion, but they wouldn’t take. I made this pendant using sterling silver half round and twisted square wire. After measuring the circumference of the stone and adding a few extra inches for the bail, I find the center point and bind 2 half round wires with the twisted square wire in the middle with a small piece of half round. I then bind the 2 sides the same way and bend the outside half rounds outward and in to form the base of the cage. Setting the stone in the cage, I make the bends for the top of the cage, then bind them together and make the bail using the remaining wire ends.

Materials: sterling silver wire druzy cab

Techniques: twisting square wire wire binding wire bending wire wrapping wire looping cage wrapping

Tags: wire wrapping


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Wire Wrapped Blue Dyed Druzy Pendant