Copper and Brass Shield Pendant

Editor's Choice - Aug 17, 2017

I made this pendant for a creativity contest at my Gem Cutters Guild. We were given a sheet of 20 gauge copper, 8 ga copper wire, 3mm copper bezel wire, and a thin strip of brass that’s maybe 26 ga and about 10-12 mm wide. Your piece may be composed of other materials, but 80% of the total piece must be from the material provided.

I’m planning on making a double pendant and hang the shield below a Trojan style helm. I have until the 1st week of September to complete and submit my piece so there’s plenty of time to make the helm.

I started by using my disc cutter to punch out 2 – 1.25" circles then punch the center out of one to create a ring. I used a texture hammer on the solid piece to have a wood grain appearance and a ball peen chasing hammer to texture the ring to look forged. I then milled and forged part of the 8 ga wire to make the ram’s horn cross bar. All these components were then soldered using hard silver solder and attached a bail on the back using medium solder. I used some burs to create a bezel cup out of the 8 ga wire and set a 3mm lab created red conundrum. Next I punched out some small brass circles and dapped them to look like rivets and a center brass boss with a hole to hold the gemstone setting. After soldering the rest of these pieces in place with easy solder, I engraved/etched the boss to look like sun rays. Everything was cleaned up with sandpaper and a brass brush. I may patina it, but I need something to get into the edges better than wrapping sandpaper over a needle file.

Materials: brass sheet copper sheet 3mm lab created red conundrum silver solder copper wire

Techniques: forging disc cutting texturing dapping doming etching hammering hand sawing soldering stone setting bezel setting


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Marta ...

I seriously like how you explain what you do! Congratulations on Editors Choice!

Wandering Rock Designs ...

Thank you ☺ I really want to share my experiences and hopefully inspire some others. I never thought I’d be making pieces that I only imagined coming from just wire wrapping background.

This piece had many frustrations, especially making the ram’s horn decorations. I broke off several curls trying to use pliers and finally got it to work by forging it most of the way then finishing the final curl with the pliers.

Cindy A. ...

Well deserved Editor’s Choice award! Congrats!

Wandering Rock Designs ...

Thank you Cindy. Tomorrow I submit it for the creativity contest at my Guild. I did a single viking knit copper chain for it to really make it a stunning unique piece.

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Copper and Brass Shield Pendant