Spiderweb Agate Pendant Necklace

Fiery orange Spiderweb Agate unleashes its fury upon a delicate gold plated brass neck wire, vivid red faceted glass beads and a glowing orange acrylic bead in this masterpiece of a womens agate pendant necklace.

The huge Spiderweb Agate teardrop has been expertly wire wrapped in stunning Jeweler’s brass and coated in heavy layers of shellac creating a unique pendant that has no distinctive front or back. Above the fireball of a pendant resides a gentle glowing ember of an smooth, matte yellow-orange acrylic bead sandwiched between two bright red faceted glass beads. A delicate gold plated brass, twisted neck wire strings the pendant along while more bright red faceted glass beads tease the pendant. The ends of the neck wire have been secured within crimps and will not scratch the skin.

Materials: jewelers brass agate gold plated findings glass beads acrylic beads

Techniques: wire wrapping stringing

Tags: agate pendant bohemian gemstone necklace agate pendant necklace

Modern Eclectic Jewelry


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Marta ...

Love this! Very sharp, yet simple.

Martha Brownell ...

Like Marta, I think it’s beautiful yet simple. Nice work!

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Spiderweb Agate Pendant Necklace