Adjustable Labradorite Ring

I had a customer send a few pictures of a ring that her sister had lost similar to this one, but with a 12mm shell instead of the labradorite. She had her matching one so I fabricated the replacement, but when I processed the 12 gauge wire loop through the mill to flatten it, the length increased more than my estimate making this ring about a 7.5-8.5 at it’s smallest and my customer needs something around a 5.5-6.

I figured it would be easier to solder the wire then form the loop to the curved ends and then process it through the mill so I wouldn’t have to bend a flat wire and try to keep it from twisting on me.

Materials: sterling silver wire labradorite cabochon 12 mm bezel cup silver solder

Techniques: metal working silver soldering bezel setting


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Adjustable Labradorite Ring