Through the looking glass

I have to consider both sides of the weave when I design with a stone as translucent as this one. I really love how the reflected sunlight I used to light my light box really made this pendant glow! This is created with copper and bronze wire. I’m not going to artificially age it, I’m going to let it happen naturally.

Materials: bronze wire copper wire mexican fire opal banded agate microfaceted sapphire bead

Techniques: wire wrapping wire weaving coiling

A flower does not compete with the beauty around it, it just blooms.


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Donna's trinkets, LLC ...

What a beautiful stone! You did a great job on this one.

Wandering Rock Designs ...

Yes I love how you can see the weave through the stone. It’s a really nice design and I like how you added the fire opal at the transition point.

Martha Brownell ...

My all time favorite! Absolutely stunning work and stone!

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Through the looking glass