10 key pieces of contemporary jewelry that every modern woman should wear.

If you are a woman, you surely love jewels. It makes you feel feminine, glamorous and why not? Sexy! Because jewels got that something you just can´t resist. So if you wanna wear jewelry inspired by nature or buy fashion jewelry online, you better take a look at these pieces of art you will surely love!

Adriana Guelfi Herrera is a Uruguayan artist who works on Designer Jewelry. Her pieces are unique and since she was a kid nature inspired her when creating this real master pieces so if you want to buy handmade jewelry in the US, you must consider this number 1 artist which offers some of the best designs.

1. Mini heart Earrings with pass through chain.
Here you can observe a beautiful work. Delicate and feminine for woman who love to feel glamorous wearing less. This jewel is perfect for every occasion and got the distinctive touch of Adriana Guelfi Herrera.

You can also visit Adriana´s web site: http://www.adrianaguelfiherrera.com/home/

2. Diamond Studs- Keep it simple.
Not only they will last a lifetime but also they go with almost absolutely everything and will last a lifetime. So go ahead and try this studs that will make you look beautiful.


3. Pearl Studs-
This is something almost every women on earth wore at least once in their life. They are elegant and charming. Small and delicate and of course very sophisticated.


4. Silver Layered Necklaces
This is definitely a big trend. Look for a set which are sold together to make the difference. Look casual but glamorous. Outstand from the rest. They will make your outfit look great.
5. Beeded Footed Sandals-
Make your feet look real sexy with this glamorous style. Go to the beach and surprise everyone with this outstanding style. Because even during the day you must look and feel wonderful!

6. Gold Bangle-
Elegant and stylish, and if it’s Cartier…even better! Dare to buy this 18k pink gold bangle with 4 brilliant –cut diamonds and shine over the rest!

7. A Cuff Bracelet
Wear it at anytime of the day. No matter if you are at home, hanging out with friends or if you are going out on a fancy dinner. They just look perfect.


8. Open ring
Open rings are just perfect. They are trendy and glamorous. Choose colorful stones or transparent ones. You will love them

9. Gemstone Anklet.
This is so original and beautiful. With a green gem, this anklet just looks great. Take a look!

10. A Statement Watch
This is not only useful but it looks so good in any women´s risk.
The oversized watches are the biggest trend but you can also try using small ones which look very feminine. And if it’s golden with diamonds, even better!


Now that you got a large list of what to wear start choosing the style that fits you most. Buy contemporary jewels in the US, look yourself in the mirror and feel great!

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10 key pieces of contemporary jewelry that every modern woman should wear.