Tips for wearing handmade bracelets

If you love jewels inspired in nature then you should know you must take special care of these pieces as they can deteriorate really fast, especially if they are bracelets which you wear most of the time.
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Adriana Guelfi Herrera is a jewelry designer who inspires in nature to create awesome pieces so if you wanna buy handmade jewelry in the US you can definitely find good stuff.

There are plenty of jewelry designs and you must take care of them, but don´t fall in despair cause there are definitely ways of solving this problem out so as to keep your beloved pieces safe and sound.

Jewelry inspired by nature is the kind of pieces you should take care most as they are usually more keen in getting dirty.

Take into account that bracelets with cotton materials will naturally shrink when exposed to water, so keep them far from it but if you can’t avoid it you can stretch it after it has dried.
This shrinkage can make the bracelet look better and become a permanent accessory.

Bracelets made with other synthetic materials won’t shrink as much as cotton but still can get dirty and you should clean them regularly.

Not only daily washing but also swimming in a pool can help you clean your bracelet and make it look as if you’ve just bought it!
When bathing wash with a mild soap and dry with a clean towel or air dry.

Bleach the natural cotton bracelet with a mild solution so you can brighten them up. Rinse thoroughly and put them back on.

It´s easy to keep your handmade bracelets clean, so start getting yours buying your fashion jewelry online and enjoy them to the fullest!

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Tips for wearing handmade bracelets